Yazoo Pass Cafe Yazoo Pass Cafe

The owner of Yazoo Pass attended our coffee training school, Ivy League Barista Academy, in June of 2011 and realized the benefits immediately. Through our training she was able to prepare espresso based drinks, know who to hire, and how to run day-to-day operations in the coffee industry. She took full advantage of our barista training as well as our coffee shop consulting on how to operate a coffee business.

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Yazoo Pass took advantage of Ritual Grounds Roasting's sources and furnished her entire cafe with the appropriate product as well as trust us with the quality of her coffee, tea, and functionality of her cafe.

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Two leaves in a bud

From opening her doors, to daily operations, she entrusted Coffee Shop Experts with the success of her business venture. Coming to our coffee school she learned how to operate her business. Ritual Grounds Roasting provided her with the product to open her business as well as continue to provide loose leaf tea and fresh roasted coffee, delivered the day after roasting. None of this would have been possible without taking the appropriate steps, and Yazoo Pass has benefited tremendously from the successful collaboration with Coffee Shop Experts.

Yazoo Pass Cafe