Features and Benefits

Slide-out Sink Compartment
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Slide-out Sink Compartment
CCB espresso carts feature our signature slide-out compartment sink design. By equipping our carts with this design, customers are able to utilize every usable inch of counter space, minimizing clutter. This allows more space for extra equipment, cash register, product display, or even a built-in pastry case. Does the health department in your county require a three compartment sink? Not a problem with CCB coffee carts! We can add a 3 compartment sink with your slide-out hand washing sink. Our motive is to utilize every square inch of your cart to maximum efficiency.
Swivel Locking Wheels
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Swivel Locking Wheels
All CCB custom carts and kiosks are equipped with multiple heavy duty locking wheels. By using swivel locking wheels, installation, transportation and cleaning for our customers becomes effortless. Once the cart(s) have been positioned in your location, simply lock them into place and the cart will feel as if it were built in to your location.
Portable Fresh and Waste Water Tanks
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Portable Fresh and Waste Water Tanks
Every CCB cart comes equipped with portable fresh and waste water tanks to ensure conveyance in filling up and draining your coffee cart in various locations. No floor drain? No problem! All tanks are outfitted with quick disconnect valves which provide effortless removal and installation. Whether your business is mobile or stationary, our portable tank systems offer our customers practicality, versatility and affordability when setting up any coffee cart or kiosk business.
Wider Carts
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Wider Coffee Carts
Through our years of experience CCB consultants have found that customers value and benefit from maximum counter top space. By building our carts 39" in width, baristas and customers are able to prepare their drinks with ease and comfort. Wider carts allow for added features such as a custom back bar splash to disguise equipment electrical cords, creating a more professional appearance. Cart width is completely variable, depending on the demands of our customer's location.
Longer Carts
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Longer Coffee Carts
CCB is proud to offer our customers various options when selecting what size cart will be best for their location. By offering carts that are longer than our competitors we are able to guarantee that every square foot of our clients location is used to its highest profit potential. Longer carts give customers the option of custom additions such as a built-in pastry cases, built-in ice boxes, countertop cut outs for a cash register, or countertop sinks.
Oak Wood Trim
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Oak Trim
Have an elegant location for your coffee cart business? CCB carts can be fabricated with a solid oak wood trim. Whether matching your locations color scheme or just looking to add elegance, our customers can add their personal touch through a variety of finishes to complement their espresso cart business.
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Consulting
A two hour training via telephone is included with the purchase of each coffee cart, instructing the business owner on proper plug in procedures. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. is the only coffee cart and kiosk manufacturer in the country that has the fundamental tools to prepare a new business owner. The customers are guided through the entire process of opening their new coffee cart business. Our consultants teach the important fundamentals of owning and operating a successful coffee cart or kiosk business.
"Your" Custom Espresso Cart
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Your Custom Espresso Cart!
Each and every one of our custom carts are built to order specifically for each customer. Through offering this service CCB is able to ensure that our customers are getting a cart which suits their own personal sense of style, needs and vision.
Coffee Cart and Coffee Kiosk- Superior Quality!
At Coffeecartbiz.com, espresso carts are designed to be elegant yet productive and are constructed of the highest quality materials to enhance the STRENGTH, DURABILITY and EFFICIENCY of every business. Our solid oak frames produce an elegant look, while also increasing the strength and durability of our carts. Coffeecartbiz.com's carts are designed for both indoor and outdoor locations and are able to withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions.