Coffee Cart & Kiosk Additions

Choose from a variety of options to custom design your business. If you can dream it, we can design it! Call for a FREE appointment with one of our design consultants.

Oak Wood Trim
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Oak Wood Trim
Each cart comes with a marine grade plywood with your choice of Formica laminate. Add an oak wood trim with your choice of stain to match your business design.
Three-compartment Sink
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- 3 Compartment Sink
The three-compartment sink is an excellent option to meet and exceed county health department regulations. The sink is installed in the slide-out sink compartment and is used for washing and sanitizing. This feature shows the health department inspectors that the business owner is going above and beyond sanitation guidelines.
Custom Bar Shelf
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Custom Bar Shelf
This unique option gives customers the availability to sit down on a barstool and enjoy their coffee while reading the daily newspaper. The shelf is 5' in length and 12"-15" in width and adds a unique touch to your business. (Barstools not included)
Ice Box
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Ice Box
This excellent feature gives the business owner the availability to sell iced/blended drinks and smoothies from their espresso bar, increasing menu selection for the customer and profits for the owner.
Cup Holder
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Cup Holders
A cart or awning mounted cup holder increases efficiency during the drink making process and is a standard requirement for most health department regulations.
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Track Lighting
The light system is uniquely designed to provide the business operator with adequate lighting during those early morning hours when the sun is rising. The lights are mounted on a track hiding the electrical cord in the poles for both freestanding and cart mounted awnings. The light system contains three lights, giving business owners the shine they need to succeed.
Additional End Shelf
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Additional End Shelf
Additional end shelves are used for increased storage shelf space and are mounted beneath the standard end shelf, giving the operator the availability to display napkins, straws, sugars, etc. keeping the countertops free and uncluttered.
Built-in Pastry Case
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Pastry Case
This uniquely designed case consists of three shelves and gives the barista the availability to display a large assortment of pastries, while also taking up minimal counter space. We suggest that business owners place their cash register next to the display case, increasing an impulse buying reaction from the customer and sales for the business owner.
Additional Electrical Outlet
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Extra Electrical Outlet
A necessary addition for high volume coffee cart businesses where additional equipment is needed. This outlet mounts behind the refrigerator for stationary equipment or additional refrigeration units.
Syrup Holder
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Syrup Holder
A built-in syrup holder holds up to four syrup bottles and mounts directly onto the customers side of the cart, giving customers the availability to add a syrup flavoring to their drink.
Security System Package
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Security System
Includes two fake video cameras for mounting on the inside and outside of the coffee cart business. It comes complete with an assortment of stickers and signs to detour potential thieves and employee cash handling.
Built-in Knock Box
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Built-in Knock Box
Improve efficiency and customization by having a built-in knock box mounted directly into the countertop near the espresso machine and espresso grinder.
Spray Nozzle
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Spray Nozzle
The spray nozzle mounts in the slide-out sink area and gives the operator the availability to rinse out blenders and steaming pitchers with maximum efficiency.
Bar Splash
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Bar Splash
Add this unique addition to your coffee cart or kiosk to hide plumbing and electrical cords from the customer's view. This addition also obstructs the customer's view of underneath the espresso machine.
Custom Condiment Shelf
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Condiment Shelf
Add this custom condiment shelf to the customer side of the cart or kiosk. This allows you to place your Air Pots and condiments (soy and half & half) for serving.
Ice Machine
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Ice Machine
Ice-O-Matic ICEU-220 ice machine installed, tested, and plumbed for direct or portable waste water applications. The ICEU-220 is NSF and UL approved. It produces up to 260 pounds of ice per day and holds 100 pounds of ice. It makes full and half sized cubes that are ideal for coffee carts, coffee kiosks, smoothie carts, smoothie kiosks, cafes, delis, and small coffee shops.
Awning Lettering
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Awning Lettering
Add a unique personal touch to your custom cart by printing your business name across the front of your awning. Match your business look or theme by selecting the font and color of the 6" lettering.
Curved Countertop
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Curved Countertop
A curved countertop is a great custom addition which adds style and elegance to the customer approach of your coffee cart business.
Menu Board
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Menu Creation
Greet your customers with an eye-catching custom cart mounted menu board. Acrylic menu boards feature your specialty drink selection and company's name and logo.
Logo Printing
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Logo Printing
Custom logos are a great way to advertise your coffee cart business and personalize your awning. Logos may be printed on front, back and sides of all of your awning structures.
Logo Creation
Coffee Cart and Kiosk Additions- Logo Creation
Having trouble developing a logo for your new business? Let the Coffee Cart Biz design team create a custom logo to match your coffee cart business name, style and theme.